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Zijin Hall

Zi Jin Hall is the Grand Ball Room of Grand Hotel Beijing, where prosperity and elegance culminate at their best, tantamount to a miniature reproduction of a palace in the Forbidden City. The horizontal inscribed board was written by “Qi Gong” ,a famous contemporary calligrapher. The wooden screen with dragon design golden-leaf protection angles, glass framed with light blue ribbons, the floor cover of double-sided embroidery in traditional Chinese way, pendants of transparent carving signifying happiness, wealth and longevity, colorfully painted ceiling, coiled dragon design stand made from rose wood, all symbolize the omnipresent wishes for prosperity and longevity in an aristocratic manner. Pu Jie ,younger brother of the last Chinese emperor Pu Yi, once commented :Sitting in the Zi Jin Hall, it made me recall the royal palace when I was in childhood.Additionally, This magnificent hall has received the Juan Antonio Samaranch, Rogge, Roh Tae-woo and other distinguished guests at home and abroad.

Total Area                                                  241 m2

L×W×H                                                      23×10.5×3.7

Theater                                                    120 persons

Class Room                                               90 persons

Board Room                                              40 persons

Hollow shape                                             50 persons

U-shape Table                                           45 persons

Cocktail and Reception                              150 persons

Standing or Sitting Buffet                          120/90 persons

Chinese &Western Banquet                      100 persons